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Tutorial #10 - Rob/Kristen: Dark & Devastingly Beautiful

Hey guys! Today I will show you how to go from this :
  to this: xxxx

In just 3 main steps.
Total Steps : 5
Translateable: Should be, no selective colouring.
Difficulty: Easy as Pie!!

& here is the tutorial:
Note = Always adjust more to your base than following these steps exact, of course. :D
And I always colour the whole picture, I never crop first. Saves time in the end.

STEP ONE ~ Duplicate base, set to softlight 100% - Sharpen

STEP TWO ~ New Adjustment - Channel Mixer
Check Monochrome Box!!
Set settings to : Gray =
90, 32, 2, -44

STEP THREE ~ New Adjustment - Curves - 1 DOT RGB
Input 165 Output 232

STEP FOUR ~ duplicate base - drag to top - set to Softlight 100%
then duplicate that softlight layer - set to softlight 100%

STEP FIVE ~ New Adjustment - Hue/Sat/Lightness
Master = saturation -12 XX Red= Saturation +45

Then flatten and Dodge/Sharpen eyes and accent points.

& Voila!! Easy enough, right?

Please post your results, add me as a friend, and once again, credit me if you use them!
~Angelaand here are some more results:
Tags: tutorial: colouring
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