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Icon Tutorial Two ft. Paramore

Program: PSPX2
Steps: 6
Difficulty: 5/10
Includes: Channel Mixer
Suggestions: Use red-heads for a more intensified saturation, more subtle enhancement with bluer images
Translatable?: Yes
Examples under the cut: Allison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy and M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold

Step One:
Crop Picture to 100x100, sharpen if needed, etc.

Step Two: Go to Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Channel Mixer, Normal 100%

71, 51, 12, 0
(71:red, 51:green, 12:blue, 0:constant)

-8, 92, 40, 0
(-8:red, 92:green, 40:blue, 0:constant)

15, -8, 116, 6
(15:red, -8:green, 116:blue, 6:constant)


Step Three: Create a new raster layer and flood fill it with #606060, Darken 42%

Step Four: Create a new raster layer and flood fill it with #969263, Multiply 26%

Step Five: Duplicate base, drag it to the top, Soft Light 52%

Step Six: Go to Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Hue/Saturation/Lightness
colorize: unchecked

0, 0, 40
(Hue: 0, Lightness:0, Saturation:40)



Other Examples

I'd love to see your result(s) :]

Tags: colouring: channel mixer, program: gimp, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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