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Icon Tutorial Three ft. Katy Perry

Program: PSPX2
Steps: 6 or 7
Difficulty: 5/10
Includes: Optional Channel Mixer
Suggestions: Deep blues and magenta are the best colors for rich colored icons. Oranges and greens with the optional step create the best overall finished product if you choose to use it. Watch out for the saturation layer because the skin of your "model" might become overly-saturated and have the appearance of an extremely bad tan...
Translatable?: Yes
Examples under the cut: Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Nightmare of You

Step One: Crop your image to 100x100, sharpen if needed, etc.

Step Two: Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Brightness/Contrast
Adjustment Tab
Brightness: 0
Contrast: -13


Step Three: Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Hue/Saturation/Lightness
colorize: unchecked

Saturation: 25
Lightness: 0


Step Four: Create a new raster layer and fill it with #716b7d, Soft Light 100%

Step Five: Create a new raster layer and fill it with #fb5356, Luminance (L) 30%
(L) Legacy? Legacy simply means the blend mode will act as the previous program did when that blend mode was selected. For example, I have PSPX2, therefore when I select legacy, the result of that layer will look as if I had made it in PSPXI on Luminance. Basically, each program handles the luminance blend mode differently and the legacy option just gives you a little option (This goes for Hue, Saturation and Color as well). You might want to switch between Luminance and Luminance Legacy
to see which blend mode looks better.

Step Six: Duplicate the base, drag it to the top, Overlay 33%


Other Examples

(Optional) Step Seven: Layers->New Adjustment Layer->Channel Mixer
monochrome: unchecked

112, -12, 3, 0
(112: red, -12:green, 3:blue, 0:constant)

3, 94, 6, 0
(3: red, 94:green, 6:blue, 0:constant)

21, -21, 92, 0
(21: red, -21:green, 92:blue, 0:constant)



Other Examples

I'd love to see your result(s) :]

Tags: colouring: channel mixer, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop

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