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Tutorial #13

Difficulty: Easy
7 steps
Uses Selective colouring, so it won't be translatable .

1. Your picture may or may not need brightening, but in this case I duplicated my image and set it to screen 30%
2. Colour Balance layer:

Midtones: 0, +17, -18
Highlights: +12, +10, +11
Shadows: 0, -9, +23

Set this Colour Balance layer with its opacity at 60%

3. Curves layer:
(RBG)- input: 175, output: 194
(RED)- FIRST POINT: input: 80, output: 80
SECOND POINT: input: 172, output: 185

4. New Fill layer: CEA4D9 set to softlight 40%
5. New Fill layer: 0D0F2C set to exclusion
6. Duplicate your base and bring it to the top. Set this layer to softlight.
7. Selective Colouring layer:

Reds: -43, 0, +16, +9
Magentas: 0, 0, 0, +100
Whites: 0, 0, -5, -22
Neutrals: 0, +6, -6, 0

And you're done !
I LOVE seeing results and comments :)


Tags: colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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