Jess (nevershoutjess) wrote in icon_tutorial,

coloring tutorial #002

-please don't steal my psd if you take please credit me at.[info]nevershoutjess
- don't take my tutorial and credit as yours.
- ask questions if need be i'll be happy to answer them.
step one;
Layer>Duplicate layer set to screen at whatever percent
i set mine to 64% but you can set it any way you want by
dark or light your image is.

step two;
Layer>New adjustment layer>Curves
i swear curves is like now my best friend before i hated it lol.
Point 1: 103 and 74
Point 2:151 and 129
Screen cap

step three;
Layer>New adjustment layer>Curves
Point 1: 101 and 123
Screen cap

step three;
Layer>New adjustment layer> Brightness and contrast
also a new best friend aha.
+23 and 0

step four;
Layer>New fill layer>Soild color
##142026 set to lighten at 40%

Step five;
Layer>New fill layer>Soild color
## FFFFFF set to soft light at 20%
and also on this one you can set
percent higher or lower

//PSD: click click here
other ones with this coloring


Tags: colouring: curves, program: gimp, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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