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Tutorial time! Just because I feel like it. :D This is for Photoshop CS3 and there are also instructions for GIMP.


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» The worst movie I've ever seen actually makes a good icon «

1. I started with a screencap that I cropped and prepared a while ago, and moved Margot down a bit to have more negative space available at the top.


2. Margot looked a bit too yellow, so I added a Color Balance layer (Midtones: 0, +20, +20).
GIMP: Screencap showing how to do Color Balance.


3. To tone it down a bit, I added a layer of color (#2A0D01) set on Exclusion.
GIMP: Fill the foreground color with #2A0D01 then create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N), click Foreground Color, and hit OK (screencap). Then set that layer to Lighten Only (screencap). It doesn't give exactly the same effect - it only affects the dark parts, not the light parts - but for our purposes here it will have to do, since GIMP doesn't have an Exclusion function.


4. Time for the fun stuff! I added a texture by the_preamble and set it to Lighten.
GIMP: Set the texture to Lighten Only (screencap).


5. Next is a texture by tove_91 set on Multiply. I erased the part that covered Margot's knee.


6. The icon was too dark, so I added a Levels layer (settings: 37, 1.42, 248).
GIMP: Have another screenshot.


7. I wanted it to be a bit less red, so I added another Color Balance layer (Midtones: -30, +10, +30).


8. Finally I added a texture by tove_91 and set it to Screen, erasing the part over Margot's head. Finished!



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