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My third tutorial, at the request of bant. Cross-posted to icon_tutorial here.


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» 'Icons by Rizny' «

1. I started with a texture that I made myself and sharpened it, then duplicated the layer twice and set the first to Screen and the second to Multiply. This is to bring the background more sharply into focus.


2. This font is called Sketchy and you can download it from dafont.com here. I made the font color #3e4037 and set the first line at 10pt and the second line at 24pt. The spacing between lines is also set at 24pt and the spacing between letters is set at 100.


3. Rotate the text so that it matches up with the paper lines.


4. I used a texture by 77words, rotated and set on Multiply, and dragged it beneath the text. I had to lower the opacity a little to make the color match the text. Finished! Questions welcome. :D



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