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PSPXI Pick Tool Problem

I have a quick question, whenever I try to move an image around with the Pick Tool it comes out more blurrier or larger/smaller.

I'm using Corel Paint Shop Pro XI, and most times whenever I copy and paste an image onto a new document (or whatever it's called) and I try to move it, the image always becomes blurry or the size of the image either becomes larger/smaller than the original size. This also happens whenever I try to move text around (only it becomes blurrier).

My mode of the Pick Tool is always set on scale, I'm not quite sure if all the Pivot, Position, or etc... really matters or not. I don't really want to use the Move tool since you can't exactly angle an image using the Move tool.

This problem just recently started happening. It's probably an easy problem to fix, but I just can't solve it XD Please, and thank you ! :D
Tags: program error: paint shop pro, program: paint shop pro

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