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skidamarinka asked me how I do the colouring for some pictures I've been posting recently as I'm working on a theme mood - I offered to do it becuase I have some free time.

So here's the tutorial:


Made in PS CS2. Not transitable.

First, we obviously open the picture we're gonna work with. You can crop it if you're going to make icons or any other thing.


Go to Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Selective Color

Make sure RELATIVE is marked.

Reds: -100/100/100/-40
Yellows: 100/-40/-100/-20
Magentas: -100/100/-100/-20
Whites: -65/-45/25/-30
Neutrals: 40/40/30/-30
Blacks: 40/30/15/40

And this how the pic looks now: Photobucket

Now go to Layers> New Adjustement Layer> Color Balance

Midtones: -15/20/15
Shadows: 35/23/35

Make sure that PRESERVE LUMINOSITY is marked.

And it looks like this right now: Photobucket

Go back toto Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Selective Color

Again, make sure RELATIVE is marked.

Reds: -28/0/21/0

And we got... Photobucket

Now, let's go to Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer> Hue/Saturation

Make sure it's set to MASTER

Hue: 0
Saturation: 8
Lightness: 0

Our current look: Photobucket

This is the final step if you wanna leave the pic in colour.

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer> Curves

I'm going to make this clear now: forget about the 2 points that appear when you open it. You gotta click to create new ones, 3 in each layer.

Point 1: Input: 53 / Output: 23
Point 2: Input: 122 / Output: 153
Point 3: Input: 194 / Output: 215


Point 1: Input: 54 / Output: 69
Point 2: Input: 122 / Output: 131
Point 3 Input: 189 / Output: 200


Point 1: Input: 51 / Output: 72
Point 2: Input: 126 / Output: 135
Point 3: Input: 199 / Output: 204


Point 1: Input: 57 / Output: 23
Point 2: Input: 116 / Output: 148
Point 3: Input: 189 / Output: 225

And this is what we get!! Photobucket

You can leave there or you can add 2 steps more:

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer> Gradient map

Choose the black & white gradient.

And it looks like this: Photobucket

And now this is the final step!

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layer> Brightness/Contrast

Brightness: -50
Contrast: -20

Final result: Photobucket

I think it's necesary to say this: Do not copy excatly the tutorial. This is just a guide as pictures have different colours and lights, so depending on that you must have to change some of the numbers above or redo one or two steps until you make it look the way you want it.

Other examples with this tecnique changing the amounts (aka numbers):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

If anyone has doubts, please just ask in this post or over HEREin the original post and if you try this I'd like to see your results!!
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