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Carlisle & Esme Tutorial

This is for Photoshop users only.
PSD is here.

Start with your base, and as always. Do what you usually do with your base.

I sharpened mine.

Selective Colouring layer:
Reds; 0, +28, +100, 0
Greens; +62, -79, +84, 0
Cyans; +24, +3, -20, 0
Magentas; -100, +100, -82, 0

Duplicate the Selective Colouring Layer

Hue/Sat layer:
Master (sat); +27

New Fill Layer:
#0d485c - Exclusion - 37%

Another New Fill Layer:
#080325 - Exclusion - 100%

And you're done!



Other Examples:


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