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The Maine tutorial


First, obviously, find a base. My base is of The Maine. I found it on LoudAndRockin.net. Now make adjustments depending on your image lighting. I duplicated my base once and set it to Screen 100%.

Now, make a Color Balance layer with these settings.
Midtones: -20, +20, +10
Shadows: +20, -10, -20

Next, make a Channel Mixer layer with these settings.
Red: +110, -10, +5
Green: +10, +90, +5
Blue: -50, +50, +100

Now make a Curves layer with these settings. (The first number is Input and the second number is Output.)
RGB: 112, 123
Red: 129, 117
Green: 129, 124
Blue: 113, 136

Now you can make a Selective Color layer with these settings.
Reds: +100, +100, -100*, +100
Yellows: +100, 0, +100, 0
Neutrals: +20, -10, -20, -10
* If you're image has a lot of reds, make this to -50.

Now, lastly, make a Hue/Saturation layer with these settings, depending on the image you use.
Saturation: +25
Lightness: -10
And you're done!

More examples:

Please leave your comments and find the .psd file HERE @ omg_resource!
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: colour balance, colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop

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