Change the colors of the sky... (caramel_sun) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Change the colors of the sky...

This is kind of in response to my own request, haha, but I finally found a way that totally works for me, that imitates selective coloring! (the orangey kind haha). SO here is a tutorial, free feel to use, comments are awesome! Thanks so much!!


Tutorial: Selective Coloring Imitation
Program used: PSP XI, should be able to work in other programs :)

1. Open up your picture.
2. Duplicate it and set to black and white (setting: green) and make it luminance (L) 47% (*any percentage, can just desaturate it)
3. Create a new Channel Mixer layer--
175, -5, -95
20, 100, -20
-44, 54, 100
4. New Hue/Sat Layer- (this could change depending on your image)
M: 35
B: 35
C: 52
G: 25
Y: 15
R: -5
5. You're done! YAY!

Photobucket Photobucket
Tags: program: paint shop pro, tutorial: colouring

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