Jess (nevershoutjess) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Coloring tutorial #003

Level: Really easy i think..
Program: Photoshop cs and higher but it can work with removeing #5
PSD: yeppers

Step one;
Get you photo icon it and do whatever you want.

Step two;
Layer > New fill layer > Soild color
#000000 set to exclusion at 100%

Step three;
Repeat the same steps as #2
but use this color
#130D30 set to exclusion at 10%

Step four;
Layer > New adjustment layer > hue/sat
Master sat: +25

Step five;
*this step may be removed by psp users still comes out the same*
Layer > New adjustment layer > Selective color
Reds: -100, 0 , +100, 0
Yellow: +100, 0, -100, 0
Set at normal 20%

Step six;
Layer > New adjustment layer > Levels
input; 0 0.78 255
ouput; 16 255

add textures or whatever..
*sorry my pc is going crazy to make it clickble* 

Useing the same coloring;
sorry there all JB it was just easyer
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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