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Coloring Tutorial #3

From this to this

Other examples:

Step 1. Make a new Channel Mixer layer and enter these values:
RED:  110, -40, 23

Step 2. Now make a new fill layer, fill it with 0C0303 and set it to Exclusion, 100%. (You can't see it now, but there IS a difference between no fill layer and fill layer on this coloring)

Step 3. Make a new Selective Color layer and enter these settings:
REDS: -35, 17, 5, 10
YELLOWS: -15, 15, -13, 0
CYANS: -100, -100, 21, 0
WHITES: -25, -5, 0, -35
NEUTRALS: 0, 1, 0, 0

Step 4. Make a new Levels layer:

INPUT: 10/1,20/ 220

Step 5. The last step :) Make a new Channel Mixer layer and enter the following values:
R: 130, -60, 20
G: 10, 115, -20
B: -85, 90, 128

And, you're done.
Comments are as always very much appreciated.
PSD is
Please, comment here.
P.S. I would love to see your results ;)
Thank you for reading.
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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