jess_3x (jess_3x) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Colouring Tutorial

Here a Little Tut From me..

From This: To This: Or this:

This is the first tutorial i have made, so yeah.

Ok So first Duplicate the bas, set it to screen ay 50 %

Then, Add a new Selective colouring layer.
With these settings:

Cyan= -100
Magenta= +31
Yellow= +100
Black= +56

Cyan= +27
Magenta= -17
Yellow= -53
Black= +4

Cyan= +100
Magenta= +100
Yellow+ -10
Black= +100

Cyan= -100
Yellow= +38
Black= +6

Cyan= +72
Magenta= +12
Black= +4

So far:

Add A New Brightness and Contrast layer
With th followin settings:

Brightness= +7
Contrast= +3

Now Add A New Hue/Saturation layer
With tese settings:
Saturation= 18

Merge Layers.

Add a New layer. Get a soft Round brush 70px and place somewhere on the icon.
Then Gaussian blur it wth the radius as = 18.
and Merge.

Now you are finished. You can add text, i added Times New Roman size 24 and Bold.

If you do this id love too see what yours look like.

~Credit If you use.

Tags: colouring: saturation, colouring: selective colouring, tutorial: colouring

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