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Working with blue screencaps

This tutorial will teach you to go from this: Image Hosted by to this: Image Hosted by

Program used PS CS3 no selective colouring involved so I think its translatable.


Step 1: Duplicate base and set to screen 100%

Step 2: Layer > New adjustment layer > Photo filter > Warming filter (85) Density 25 (preserving luminosity checked)

Step 3:Layer > New adjustment layer > Levels enter following values 25, 1.33, 233

Step 4: Layer > New adjustment layer > Curves (this is the complicated bit)

RGB - Output: 156, Input: 137

Red - Output: 207, Input:220

Green - Output: 156, Input: 167

Blue – Output: 100, Input 181

Step 5: Select > all > Edit > copy merged > Edit paste > (or you could just flatten the image if you don’t mind losing all your layers) set at normal 100%

Step 6: Right now your image is looking much better but still blue’ish the next step will fix this. Image > Adjustments > Auto colour

Now we have a more normal colour image but it’s a bit dark so I added the following steps

Step 7: Duplicate your last layer twice and set the first to screen 100%

Step 8: Set top duplicate to Hard light 26%


If you don't have photo filter you could try replacing that step with a colour fill layer of #ec8a00 set to soft light 25% the results aren't as good its a little more orange, but its close.

Hope this helps some one.

Tags: colouring: colour normalisation

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