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Tutorial: Ziva & Abby (NCIS)

Tutorial:  Ziva & Abby (NCIS)

Program Used: PSP XI
Translatable:  Yes!  Yes!  YES!
Difficulty level:  Medium

This is my first tutorial, so bare with me.  I appreciate any comments.  Of any kind.  :)

1.  Firstly, sharpen the image twice.  You don't need to do this if it isn't necessary.


2.  The image is too dark, so create a new curves layer.  Enter these settings:

RGB:  159 (I) 212 (O), 84 (I) 147 (O), 43 (I) 81 (O).
Red:  145 (I) 179 (O).
Green:  139 (I) 162 (O).
Blue:  141 (I) 161 (O).

3.  Duplicate your base, bring to the top, and desaturate it.  Then set it to Hard Light with 69% opacity.


4.  Create a Color Balance layer.  Enter these settings:

M:  40, 62, 43.
H:  18, 31, 21.
S:  15, 31, 19.

5.  Duplicate the base and bring it to the top. Set it to Soft Light with 100% opacity.

6.  Create a new layer, and paste this texture on Overlay, 59% Opacity.  Erase the main bodies in the picture using the background eraser tool.


I've forgotten who made the texture, so if you recognise it, please tell me who!  :)

7.  Make a new Curves Layer.  Enter these settings.

RGB:  178 (I) 243 (O), 72 (I)195 (O), 11 (I) 62 (O).
Red:  127 (I) 182 (O).
Green:  133 (I) 156 (O).
Blue:  151 (I) 170 (O).

Set to 81% Opacity.

Tada!  You're done!

I'd love to see your results.
Tags: colouring: colour balance, colouring: curves, graphic effects: textures, program: gimp, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop

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