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V for Vendetta Colouring

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Program: Photoshop CS3
Steps: 8 (or 9)
Difficulty (1-10): 3
PSD: Yes
Notes: Base by karanna1

Step 1: Curves Adjustment Layer
I slapped a Curves adjustment layer on my base to brighten it up a bit. (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves...)
These were my settings:

RGB: Input - (121); Output - (149)
Red: Input - (126); Output - (132)
Green: Input - (135); Output - (127)
Blue: Input (129); Output - (120)

Step 2: Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
I used a Hue/Saturation layer (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation) because the yellows and reds on Evey's face are so prominent; I wanted to bring them out a bit more. You can play around with these settings, depending on how saturated you want your image to be.
These were my settings:

Hue: 0
Saturation: +15
Lightness: 0

Step 3: Selective Colouring Adjustment Layer
I wanted to add a lot of contrast between the black wall that Evey's hiding behind and also to add contrast to her many shades of white/yellow on her skin. Her lips and red eyes needed a bit of brightening as well. Again, play around with these settings!
These were my settings (the colours listed are the only ones I changed):

Cyan - 0
Magenta - 0
Yellow - +13
Black - 0

Cyan - 0
Magenta - 0
Yellow - -100
Black - 0

Cyan - 0
Magenta - 0
Yellow - 0
Black - +20

Step 4: Brightness and Contrast Adjustment Layer
Evey's face looks really washed out against the black wall, so I wanted to make it pop out. I used a Brightness/Contrast layer (New -> New Adjustment Layer -> Brightness/Contrast...).
These were my settings (Make sure the "Use Legacy" checkbox is turned OFF!):

Brightness: +25
Contrast: +30

Step 5: Overlay Blending Mode
Evey's face is a little to yellow to me after that last step. So I filled a new layer with a dark red (#270202) and set it to Overlay, 10% opacity. Feel free to play around with this if you want a darker red skin tone.

Step 6: Colour Balance Adjustment Layer
I wanted to bring out the whites in Evey's skin tone so they'd contrast against the yellows and reds within the image. So I used a Colour Balance layer (New -> New Adjustment Layer -> Color Balance...) and these were my settings (make sure the "Preserve Luminosity" checkbox is ON!):

Shadows: 0 0 -5
Midtones: 0 0 +17
Highlights: 0 0 -9

Step 7: Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
Evey's lips still are a little too washed out for me. Feel free to play around with this if you want to make them more/less noticeable. I wanted to make them pop a liiiittle bit more, so I added a Hue/Saturation layer (New -> Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation...) and these were my settings (the ones listed are the only ones I changed):

Hue: 0
Saturation: +5
Lightness: 0

Step 8: Lighten Blending Mode
I don't know what it is about Lighten modes with dark gray colours, but I am just addicted to them. At first, I filled a new layer completely with a dark gray (#282828) and set it to Lighten, 100% opacity. But then I thought it looked too washed out, so I took a 100 pixel feathered eraser brush and erased the gray covering the black wall that Evey is behind. This makes the contrast between the wall and Evey look a whole lot better.

Step 9 (OPTIONAL): I also made an icon that was black and white, and in doing this I added a layer BENEATH the lightened dark gray layer and added a black colour fill (#000000), setting it to Colour blend mode, 100% opacity.

...And that's it!

My final image(s):

Here's the .psd if you're interested:

If you'd like to see my other tutorials, you can see them HERE.
Tags: colouring: colour balance, colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: black & white, tutorial: colouring

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