Reigne (moonchildreigne) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Tutorial: Using Vintage/Older Photos


Translatable:  Yes!
Number of steps: 7.
Level of difficulty:  Easy-ish.
Program Used: Paint Shop Pro XI
This tutorial is suited to older/vintage photos.  If the photo you are using isn't old/vintage, you can always set it to Sepia.

1.  Take your base image, and sharpen it once.

2.  Then add a new Curves layer, and set it to these settings:

RGB: 162 > 231, 68 > 138.
Red: 129 > 188.
Green: 125 > 156.
Blue: 107 > 126.

Set it to Soft Light, 100%.

3.  Add a new Channel Mixer layer, and set it to these settings:

Red:  116, -3, 8, -3 (contrast.)
Green: 8, 110, 6.
Blue: 24, 8, 89.

Set it on Multiply, 100%.

4.  Duplicate & desaturate your base layer, and bring it to the top.  Set it on Soft Light, 100%.

5.  Add a new Color Balance layer, set it on the following settings:

M:  42, 12, 7.
H: 2, 18, 40.
S: 26, 24, 32.

6.  Duplicate your base layer, and bring it to the top.  Set it on Overlay, 100%.

7.  This step is optional, but it adds a nice effect if done right.

Create a new Raster layer.  Using the airbrush (I used size 32,) paint on smudges of black and white.  I used white around the subject(s), and black for the top of the icon.  Use whatever opacity suits you.  But I only needed it on 1%.

And you're done! 
I would love to see your results!

EDIT:  I've seemed to have mixed up the pictures at the end of each step.  So you might want to ignore them....
*gives self a headslap*
Also made with this tutorial:

  (There will be more coming.)


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