anita bath (xsensibleheartx) wrote in icon_tutorial,
anita bath

Steps: 12
Difficulty: Easy - Medium

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Have fun with it! :)

* Copy (ctrl + j) your base/background. I like to use a copy of my base just in case I mess up, I can delete it or whatever, & I won't destroy the original version too. If you wanna blur the skin, sharpen, or use the dodge tool to brighten the eyes and teeth, this is what this layer is for.

* Copy your background copy layer.

* Go to Filter > Other > HIGH PASS:
Radius: 6.5 Pixels. Set Blend to Mulitply & Opacity to 37%.

* Copy High Pass layer but set Blend to Overlay & Opacity to 96%.
(side note: I erased the background around brandon on the high pass layers, so he would pop out a lil more)

* Copy your first background copy and drag it to the top. Set Blend to Soft Light & Opacity to 50%. Desaturate the layer(CTRL + SHIFT + U).

* Go to Filter > Blur > GAUSSIAN BLUR:
Radius: 2.8 Pixels

* Go to layer > Adjustment Layer > SELECTIVE COLOR:
Reds: -100, -46, -22, 42
Yellows: -100, -29, -27, 39
Greens: -51, -58, -64, 58
Cyans: 100, 0, -100, -100
Blues: 97, 0, -96, -94
Whites: -33, -62, -99, 0
Neutrals: -1, 2, 2, 0

* Go to layer > New Fill Layer > SOLID COLOR. Set blend to EXCLUSION, fill in color: #250000

* Go to layer > New Fill Layer > SOLID COLOR. Set blend to EXCLUSION, fill in color: #0e0025

* Go to layer > Adjustment Layer > COLOR BALANCE:
Midtones: -29, -18, -15
Shadows: -13, -1, 8
Highlights: 7, 11, -10

* Copy this texture by innocent_lexys & set Blend to Lighten:

I moved it to the bottom left corner.

* Copy this texture by dusty_memories & set Blend to Multiply:

I erased it from his face. so, it'd be on the background only.

Alright, well that's it! hoped you found this somewhat useful & I didn't confuse the hell out of ya...and show your results!

Other examples using this tutorial:

to leave a comment and for the PSD, please go HERE. thanks!

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