Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in icon_tutorial,

[Mod Post] We Help Those Who Help Themselves...

Hi gang,

I would like to issue a couple of reminders about posting.

"This coloring?" is not an adequate question. AT A MINIMUM, you need to tell us (a) what program or programs you are going to be using (and that is in the rules, folks), and (b) what kind of base images you are going to be starting from.

We as a community are not here to provide lists of numbers or pre-made *.psd files. Please provide indicators that you would like to learn something when asking for assistance from 27,000+ community members.

Also, when you have questions you need the mod team to answer, please use the contact e-mail address provided in our userinfo. We check it several times per week and respond as best we are able. Comment notifications to old posts are spotty (particularly since the server move), and will not necessarily get you an answer within a month or at all. (In addition, several that I've belatedly received have been totally inappropriately located on posts where they don't belong.)

In other community upkeep news, I will be gone with no computer or phone access from December 4th through December 14th so please be good to aquamarcia and yueni.

And finally, I will give fabulous Internet cookies to anyone who makes me a good mod-mode icon.

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans and happy day-off-from-Americans to everyone else,

Tags: !mod posts

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