chiaki_sakura (chiaki_sakura) wrote in icon_tutorial,

icon tutorial #001 - roxas and sora

fortutbanner01.png picture by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos
Program: Photoshop CS3
Difficulty: Easy! :D
Translatable: Yes. No selctive coloring, yey!

1. Take your image [should be a .png] and crop it. Duplicate and set to softlight. Sharpen if needed.

2. Duplicate your base and set it to Screen 78%.

3. Make a new Hue and Saturation adjustment layer.
Master: 0 , +30 , +9

4. Make a new layer and fill it with #05ff92 and set to Luminosity 15%. This makes softens the brightness and contrast a little. And don't you worry about the bg color, we'll fix it later.

5. bambinainnero03.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos [by </a>
</b></a>bambinainnero] << Set to Multiply. I played with the Brightness/Contrast so it would be lighter. I also used the Elliptical Marquee Tool with the feather set to 20 and filled the parts that was covering Roxas too much. </font>This is what came out.

6. I filled a new layer with black [#000000] set to softlight and used the marquee tool again with the feather set to 20 to erase parts that were covering Roxas and Sora's faces. You can use a soft brush instead. :D

7. cdg__greentextures0008.png picture by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos [by </a>
</b></a>cdg] << I desurated the image [CTRL+SHIFT+U] and put it behind ALL the layers. This serves as your bg.

YOU COULD STOP THERE. The upper right corner was a little bare so,

8. Duplicate your base and put it ON TOP OF THE BG LAYER. Use free transform to move and it resize it. Once satisied, duplicate again and desurate [CTRL+SHIFT+U] and set to Hue. I also added an outer glow by clicking the tut01-layerstyle.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos to make it more visible.

AND YOU'RE DONE! Add brushes/text if you want. I hope I explained everything well. I'd like to see your outcomes too! ^3^ </font>

Tags: anime & manga: backgrounds, anime & manga: colouring

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