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icon tutorial #002 - toradora coloring

fortutbanner02.png picture by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos
Program: Photoshop CS3
Difficulty: Very easy
Translatable? Maybe... Uses selective color.
1. Take your base and set to Screen 31%. Duplicate again and this time, set to Softlight 100%. Sharpen if you need to.

2. Make a new layer and fill with #000732. Set to Exclusion.

3. New layer and fill #18ff23. Luminosity 32%.

4. Duplicate base and drag it on top. Set to softlight.

5. Here comes the selective coloring!
REDS: -45 , +74 , -100 , -28
[hehe, actually, that's all. :D]

6. New Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.
Master: +16 , +15 , -5

And voila, DONE! :3I love making my icons vivid in color. x3

Other examples:
toradora02.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos toradora03.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos toradora06.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos toradora09.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos toradora12.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos toradora24.png image by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos .
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Tags: anime & manga: colouring

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