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Stock banner tutorial!

Today we're going from this to this.

Step 1: Prep your photo. I cropped mine to 500X250, but you can do any size you like. Sharpening may be necessary, but I didn't do it. As always, it depends on the photo you choose. 

Step 2: Duplicate your base and set it to screen at 100% opacity. If it's too bright, lower the opacity to suit your photo. If it is too dark, duplicate the screen layer until it is bright enough. Mine looked like this:

Step 3: Add a new layer and fill with a dark blue (I used #03031b) and set it to exclusion with an opacity of 100%. Duplicate this layer. Your image should look like this.

Step 4: Now flatten your image, because here comes the tricky part.

 Select and copy the image by pressing ctrl+a and then ctrl+c. Then press ctrl+z TWICE and then ctrl+v. A new layer should be on top of the others. Set this new layer to soft light at 100% opacity. You might need to duplicate this layer a few times. I duplicated mine three times. But as always, it is image dependent - so play around!

My image now looked like this.

Step 5: Texture time!

I pasted this texture by sanami over the top and set it to Multiply at 75% opacity. Remember, play around!

My image now looked like this:

Then I pasted this texture by...I'm not too sure (if it's yours, let me know!), over the top and set it to Screen at 40% opacity. Remember though, play around!

After this, you should have your finished product! 


Now, you can add brushes, text - WHATEVER! This was just a guide for the base. :D

Also, my layers looked like this:


Made in PS CS2, but it seems pretty transferrable...
Tags: tutorial: colouring

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