lion_lamb2011 (lion_lamb2011) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Supernatural Tutorial

First of all, this is pretty much for supernatural icons, because they're always so dark :)

1 Crop your base to 100x100 pixels for an icon size if you wish.

2 Duplicate your base and set it to Screen at 100%.
*This step is optional, only do this if your base was really dark like mine was*

3 Make a new Color Balance layer:
Shadows: -20, -8, -9
Midtones: -13, -5, -21
Highlights: +14, -7, +17

4 Make a new Fill Layer with #1d0000 and set it to Exclusion at 100%.

5 Make a new Channel Mixer layer:
Red: +94, +4, -2, 0
Blue: +8, -8, +98, +4

6 Make a new Fill Layer with #00001d and set it to Exclusion at 100%.

7 Last step, don't forget it, it's very important!
Make a new Brightness/Contrast layer with these settings:
Brightness: +13
Contrast: +29

Other icons made with the same coloring (with a few minor changes, i.e. no screen layer):

Also, I got the picture here:
I'd love to see comments and your results!
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: colour balance, colouring: faded colours, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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