Tanny (zequins) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Very simple Colouring tutorial

Made in PS CS3, likely translatable to other Photoshop editions.

The tutorial is pretty simple, but I hope you will still enjoy it :)

Step One:

Crop the icon.

Step Two:

Duplicate the the base layer and set it to screen 100%

Step Three:

Duplicate the screen layer so that you now have two screened layers on top of the base layer.

Step Four:

Add a Color Balanca layer(Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Color Balance)
Put in these numbers:
Midtones; +36,0,-33
Shadows; -46,0,+20
Leave highlights as it is.

Step Five:

Finally, add a new fill layer and fill it with #87bbca and set it to darker 100%

And you're done :)

I know it's a very simple tutorial, but if you like it please leave a comment here and not on this post :)

Tags: colouring: colour balance, program: gimp, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop, resource: screen captures, tutorial: colouring

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