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Tutorial 19: Shijima

And another Nabari no Ou tutorial~

Requested by 2baki (OMG sorry for the lateness D:).

How to go from to with Photoshop. Uses Selective Coloring, so probably not translatable.

1. Get your base ready, I'm using this lovely Shijima image today.

2. Oh so gray and oh so little color. D: Make a Hue/Saturation... adj. layer to change that:

Master: -2 40 0 (you might need to lower the 40)
Reds: 0 10 0
Yellows: -2 10 0

3. A lot better with only this tiny step! But wtf, everything's still so gray. Mess around with the colors and open up a Color Balance... adj. layer with these settings:

Midtones: 33 -12 18
Shadows: -5 -2 0
Highlights: 4 -2 4

4. Better, but we need more lightness... and wouldn't a violet touch be interesting? Make a Selective Color... adj. layer like this:

Cyans: 51 -31 32 0
Blues: 60 -37 23
Neutrals: 10 10 -10 -20

5. Sweet! :D Now let's start the texture time~ Take this one by spooky_window on Hard Light, 100%:

6. Shijima is all shiny now. xD Take another texture by spooky_window, flip it horizontally and set it to Darken, 59% for a more colorful background.

7. Too dark now, LOL. Fix it with a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with brightness +5 and contrast +8:

8. It's looking more and more like I want it. The pretty textures made it too washed out, though, so make a Soft Light, 90% duplicate of your base and drag it to the top.

9. Almost finished, but the left side is still lacking something. No problem though, take this light texture by ohfreckle, set it to Screen, 100% and move or rotate it to your liking. Then take this texture by cdg, desaturate (shift+ctrl+U) and invert (ctrl+I) it and set it to Screen, 100%. That's it already!

Questions? Just ask! :D

Other examples:

Be creative and experiment however you want, and I'd love to see your results! I'm curious what you come up with. :D

Please comment to this post since I'll most likely respond there.

More tutorials are here, and these will be coming next.
Tags: anime & manga: colouring, program: photoshop

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