Daniela (danielachan) wrote in icon_tutorial,

From to using photoshop CS2.

First of all, open your base. Duplicate it once and set the layer to screen. Make it invisible for now.

Make a new selective color layer:
REDS: -30 30 20 10
YELLOWS: 100 40 -100 0
NEUTRALS: 12 -10 0 -5
BLACKS: 0 0 0 30

Now make a channel mixer layer:
RED: 110 -20 -20
GREEN: -8 90 5
BLUE: 0 0 100

Then, fill a layer with #381f0f and set it to exclusion at about 40% (you can play with the opacity of this layer).

Make another layer and fill it with #cbcbcb, set it to color burn at about 20% (again, play with it).

Now, back to the invisible screen layer, if your image is too dark, make it visible and play around with the opacity, depends on how light you want your image to be.

Now you're done!

PSD can be found at the original post here.


Tags: tutorial: colouring
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